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The concept of a group of companies “Mirovaya Karta”
The history of the development of the group of companies "Mirovaya Karta"

The company “Mirovaya Karta” was created in 1996. One of the first in Ukraine, which has created a chain of restaurants with different cuisines of the world. At the moment, it brings together network of restaurants “Mirovaya Karta”, network of Japanese restaurants Sushiya, chain of pizzerias il Molino, lounge-restaurant Buddha Bar,  Crystal Catering Service, Medical Center AILAS.

More than 5,000 of employees work for “Mirovaya Karta”. We provide talented, hard-working, enthusiastic and honest people with jobs, transmitting our values within the company and in the world around us.

Our values are effectiveness and leadership, integrity, honesty and stability, partnership, responsibility and team spirit, progress and innovation.

  • Starting Uncle Sam's Group (USG), opening Uncle Sam restaurant, later renamed to steak house "Sam's Steak House".
  • Opening "Tequila House“ – the one and only Mexican restaurant.
  • Opening “Mimino“ – authentic Georgian restaurant.
  • "Golden Gate Pub“ – Irish pub and restaurant opening.
  • USG started “Lipsky Osobnyak“ – the restaurant of haute Ukrainian cuisine. Publishing of the first edition of “The Tasteful” – luxury magazine.
  • New project of USG – Mirovaya Karta – was implemented. Razgulyaevo – suburban grill restaurant – was founded.
  • Marrakesh – Oriental restaurant – was started.
  • Affiliation of Kreschatik hotel and AILAS - (American Institute for Laser Technologies) Opening 3 restaurants in Donetsk: Marrakesh, "Golden Lion", "Tequila Boom“.
  • Saffron – Oriental restaurant – was started. Georgian cuisine restaurant – Mimino – was opened in Donetsk. Mirovaya Karta celebrated its 10th Anniversary at summer The first restaurant of SushiYa network was opened (in 2011 - 27 restaurants in Ukraine).
  • Restaurant of the adventurous cuisine of the 20’s – Kabachok “12 stulyev was opened in Zhitomir. Starting Ukrainian restaurant Shynok.
  • Restaurant and hotel Saffron in Sumy was opened. Mexican "Tequilа House" in Odessa was opened. First in the whole Eastern Europe Buddha-bar – license restaurant - was opened in Kiev. Starting "Sam's Steak House" in Lugansk.
  • Opening Buddha-bar in Washington, DC.
  • The first in Ukraine restaurant in fashion – Story Café – was opened. Starting new ambitious project – il Molino family of genuine Italian pizzerias.
  • Mirovaya Karta celebrated its 15th Anniversary at autumn
  • network discovery smart restaurants l'Entrecote • opening female fitness club LaFemme • opening banquet hall for 300 people in Razgulyaevo
  • restaurant network SushiYa operates 40 restaurants • 9 open restaurant-pizzeria il Molino
  • launching of Red Doors concept bar ∙ launching of the first city coffee house City-Zen café & bar
  • launching of new restaurants of Mirovaya Karta group of companies extension of the network of coffee houses City-Zen café & bar • extension of Sushiya network extension of il Molino pizzeria family • Concept updating and opening of Lipsky gastronomic café-restaurant
  • extension of Sushiya network • extension of il Molino pizzeria family • launching of Tbiliso restaurant