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Fasting menu at Marrakesh The time of Lent is the time of spiritual and physical renewal.  
Bachelorette parties at Tequila House with El Jimador Febrary, Bachelorette parties at Tequila House with tequila El Jimador - 100% agave, 100% tequila. Every Thursday:
Winter menu at Elephant Pub Taste new dishes from our special offer:
New menu at Lipsky. The mood of travel. In the new gastronomic season, George Sharuev, the chef of Lipsky, presents the updated menu “The mood of travel.”
Gifts for March 8! We want your girls to get a real treat from the gift. We will help you choose and pick up! 
TAKEAWAY COFFEE, COCOA AND BAGELS Dear friends, the assortment of our cozy cafe has been supplemented with new offers:  
GastroStory LoveStory on 14 February Lipsky is your ideal restaurant for a romantic evening. 
Saint Valentine’s Day at Tequila House During the most romantic Mexican evening, at Tequila House you will have ahead of you:  
Dinner at Lipsky Dear friends, we would like to offer you to taste the best dishes of the new menu “The mood of travel” consisting of three tasting sets.  
St. Valentine's Day at Marrakesh St. Valentine's Day, the most romantic holiday in the year, is approaching.  
Breakfast on Valentine's Day! We can not stand it any more. We want to tell you about the warmest day of the year - Valentine's Day.
Student’s Day in “Mimino”! Gamardzoba Genacvale!
Certificate as a gift Give a true holiday, positive emotions and delicious impressions to your beloved ones, friends and colleagues.  
DEAR GUESTS, FRIENDS, PARTNERS AND COLLEAGUES! May the New Year 2018 be bright, inspiring, full of positive emotions, professional success and family warmth!  
New Year’s corporate parties at Lipsky. Dear friends, hurry up to book the most convenient dates for the corporate parties right now, because the event is not so far.  
NEW YEAR DISCO PARTY! Less than a week before the magic New Year's Eve!  
Golden New Year Party 2018 The night from December 31 to January 1 we suggest to spend together with Golden Gate Pub
Tbiliso New Year Presents! Congratulate your relatives and friends with Georgian gifts!
MEXICAN NEW YEAR’S EVE AT TEQUILA HOUSE! On the night of 31 December to 1 January, Tequila House invites you to celebrate New Year’s Eve together.  
New coffee from City-Zen café Especially for the New Year holidays, City-Zen café has created a new blend "CITY-ZEN CHRISTMAS".  
The New Year 2018 by Georgian Way is hot, funny and delicious! More about New Year's menu and program:  
Original liqueurs in Shynok It’s been 8 years now that the Shynok restaurant delights its guests with its original liqueurs.
New Year's disco night in City-Zen! We want you to rest on New Year's Eve.  
Jam with The One Gogh Band in Golden Gate Суббота, 16 december Jam with The One Gogh Band is the largest jam event that gathers in its circle the most famous blues and rock-n-roll musicians of Ukraine.
Underground standup in Golden Gate Воскресенье, 17 december Do you not know ideas how to have a fun weekend? We have a great proposition for you.
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