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Noma’s sous-chefs cook at Lipsky Tom Halpin and Beau Clugston, who worked as sous-chefs of the Noma legendary restaurant, the prominent representatives of the new generation of chefs, brave explorers and intellectuals, will...
The new lunch menu in the Sam's Steak House At Sam’s Steak House, we have prepared new dishes and launched a new format of lunches, even more dishes of your choice.  
New format of lunches at Tequila House starting in September Starting in September, absolutely new dishes will be launched in our lunch menu. The price of lunches:
Irish travel-breakfast Вторник, 26 september Make your Irish dream come true, registration is required
Romantic dating at Marrakesh We look forward to seeing you at Marrakesh, an oriental fairy tale on Podol!  
September – Bachelorette parties with El Jimador Come to the Bachelorette party at Tequila House with tequila El Jimador - 100% agave, 100% tequila
New hot and warming drinks at Tequila House Let’s start with coffee, the most popular category of hot drinks:
New wine list at Sam’s Steak House Sam’s Steak House will have an updated wine list starting in September
Updated menu at Sam’s Steak House Sam’s Steak House already has an updated menu supplemented with new saturated flavorings
New Margaritas at Tequila House Tequila House has prepared special new Margarita frozen cocktails
Broadcasting the Champions League On September 12th and 13th we invite you to watch Champions League
Breakfasts from 8 am in City-Zen Café! We are waiting for you for breakfast on weekdays. And together with family on weekends
ORIENTAL DANCES AT MARRAKESH Enjoy a piece of the Orient in the heart of Podol – Marrakesh Restaurant!  
New dessert in City-Zen cafe! We decided to please our guests. So we made your favorite cake from childhood even sweeter. 
Hookah at Marrakesh It has become even more pleasant to maintain the culture of smoking hookah at Marrakesh!  
Weekends in Tequila House. Amigos, spend the weekend with us:
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