Breakfast at a time convenient to you.
Breakfast at a time convenient to you.

Each of us has favorite usual dishes for breakfast, but sometimes we want to try something new and special.

Sam’s Steak House menu includes not only classic breakfasts (oatmeal with berries, syrniki with vanilla sauce and berries or baked avocado with scrambled eggs under cheese and toasts), but also a menu of smørrebrøds, which can become a complete dish for your breakfast: with tomato tartare and anchovies, with roast beef and asparagus, with shrimps, poached egg and avocado, with beef tongue and creamy horseradish.

Plan your breakfast at Sam’s Steak House at a time convenient to you. The breakfast and smørrebrøds menu is valid throughout the day.

37, Zhylyanskaya str. Reserve a table by telephone: (044) 287 20 00 

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