New menu at Lipsky. The mood of travel.

In the new gastronomic season, George Sharuev, the chef of Lipsky, presents the updated menu “The mood of travel.” The menu sections are dedicated to countries that particularly impressed the chef during his recent travels. Dishes are presented in the author’s interpretation by George Sharuev.

“Journey through Ukraine”, “Italian Adventures”, “Magic Asia”, in each section of the menu you will find the best and favorite dish and, depending on your mood, go on a short gastronomic journey, for example, to Asia, ordering the fragrant Tom Kha soup with salmon, zander and shrimps, or choose Italy, making your choice in favor of glazed Orzo with squid and Parmigiano cheese, carbonara paste with duck and foie gras, or choose more familiar Ceviche of Chinese carp with Transcarpathian honey mushrooms, preferring the Ukrainian cuisine.

We are also pleased to introduce new breakfasts in the section “Morning mood” and new desserts in the section “Sweet memories”. Our cafe, as always, will please you with a variety of takeaway fresh morning baking, coffee, cocoa, sandwiches and crispy bagels, homemade kefir and berry compote.

We look forward to seeing you at Lipsky!  

15, Lipska Str., 044 254 00 90

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