Aromatic and useful!
Aromatic and useful!

Adjika, Tkemali, Satsebeli - all of these are true Caucasian sauces.

Each sauce has its own special flavor and aroma. Spicy herbs and spices, when mixed, form an unforgettably beautiful aromatic bouquet and have a sharp, piquant taste, which pleases many people.

The use of sauces brings not only a pleasure, but health benefits as well. After all, each of the components, whether it is vitamin C in tkemali or zest of red pepper and garlic in ajika, spicy herbs of satsebeli - all have a lot of positive properties. And this is confirmed by the excellent health and longevity, which are intrinsic to the Caucasians.

Therefore, give yourself a treat, strengthen the body at Mimino by ordering an aromatic sauce for your favorite dish. Also, you can take home a jar with sauces.

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