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Certificate to the restaurants of the “Mirovaya Karta” is the best gift!

Do you want to present a unique gift to your loved one, friend or colleague, but you are unsure of their tastes and preferences?
A Gift Certificate to the restaurant combines versatility and individuality
For those who make a gift the certificate to the  restaurant  of Mirovaya Karta chain  - is universal gift, it will be appreciated by colleagues, by friends and by  loved ones. Because visiting the restaurant – it is first of all delicious experience and emotions, and receiving it as a gift is very pleasant to all of them.
Certificate is individual for the gift recipients. Mirovaya Karta united many restaurants and each of them is very special, with its own atmosphere, interior, cuisine. Oriental Marrakech, Georgian Mimino, Mexican Tequila House, aristocratic Lipsky Osobnyak - let the recipient choose!
We offer several kinds of Gift Certificates to the restaurants of Mirovaya Karta which are different with the places, where they can be used. You can choose the option that is more suitable for you:

Gift Certificates to the restaurants of Mirovaya Karta chain, which can be used in such places as: Lipsky, Sam's Steak House, Mimino, Tequila House, Shinok, Golden Gate Pub, Razgulyaevo, Marrakesh, Red Doors.

To order Gift Certificates you could use the unified channel - Customer Service of Mirovaya Karta:  (044) 502 22 22.
For corporate procurement, as well as for contracts, please  refer to the Account Manager of  B2B department Aleksandra Kalchu: (093) 680 04 44.

With respect to Your Appetite,
Mirovaya Karta group of companies!

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