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Crystal Catering Service is an off-premise catering from the Mirovaya Karta chain of restaurants; more than 20 years in the catering services market.
Wedding or anniversary, gala dinner or children’s party, business conference or a picnic in the out-of-doors - we will organize any event at a high professional level.
Crystal Catering is a team of 100 chefs and more than 500 waiters - professionals with many years of experience in organizing away events.
Our chefs are laureates of international contests, recognized authorities in gastronomy.

Crystal Catering Service
professionally renders a complex outdoor servicing: from selection of a venue for an event to table setting. At your service are the assistance of florists, creation of ice sculptures of various sizes, decorating the location in any style depending on the type of event using any materials.

Crystal Catering Service also provides equipment for rent and outsourcing of personnel (waiters and chefs);

  • Dishes
  • Textiles
  • Tent structures
  • Furniture (tables of various designs and sizes, chairs, textiles are selected individually depending on the furniture)
  • Specialized equipment (ovens, marmites, barbecues, refrigerators)
  • Serving staff (chefs, waiters, food and beverages supervisors)

Crystal Catering will also help you choose and deliver your favorite dishes, set tables.

Forget about the hassle and just enjoy the rest!

Crystal Catering Service
– Mirovaya Karta chain of restaurants in the open air led by the best Chefs!

Welcome on site Crystal Catering Service

Your personal restaurant in the out-of-doors from Mirovaya Karta. Entrust the professional organization of out-of-doors barbecue picnic to “Crystal Catering Service”!  
Christmas brunches at Lipsky. Every day from 2 through 14 January 2018  (between 10:00 and 16:00)  Lipsky café-restaurant invites the guests to the Christmas winter brunches.  
Your New Year’s festive table. Festive dishes “to go” Dear friends, we suggest you spend the New Year’s and Christmas holidays accompanied with  your favorite dishes and drinks from our restaurant.  
Bachelorette parties at Tequila House with El Jimador January, Bachelorette parties at Tequila House with tequila El Jimador - 100% agave, 100% tequila. Every Thursday:
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