Opening hours: 11:00 — 22:00
of seats:
60 guests
Reservation / Booking: +38 (044) 485 02 19
+38 (067) 242 97 73
Customer service: +38 (044) 502 22 22

“TBILISO” is a Georgian hospitality in the middle of a noisy shopping center. A new outlet of the capital, where you will get acquainted with true Georgian cuisine, plunge into the atmosphere of hospitality and will have an opportunity simply to have a great time in the circle of people dear to you.

Only in this place the freshly cooked authentic Georgian dishes can be so affordable! Because of democratic prices, you will not have to go hungry! - 5 kinds of khinkali, 9 kinds of khachapuri, fried chicken of Georgian style in 3 different sauces are the restaurant menu hits! The bar also pleases with its diversity and a combination of tastes!

Be sure to order home-made wine, it is brought specially from Georgia - red semi-dry on the basis of the Saperavi grape variety with the cherry finish and white semi-dry – variety Rkatsiteli with fresh berry notes.

It is important for us to show that true Georgian cuisine is tasty and useful for everyone! It is here that recipes of Georgians - long-livers are used!

Welcome to the “TBILISO” restaurant, where the style and the best gastronomic traditions of Georgia are combined. A place where a warm atmosphere, heart-to-heart talks and delicious food belong together.

Tbiliso New Year Presents! Congratulate your relatives and friends with Georgian gifts!
Chacha Day every Thursday at the restaurant Tbiliso! Chacha is grape vodka, without each it’s impossible to imagine any Georgian feast
Khinkali Day every Tuesday! The main rule - don't limit yourself, you can never get enough khinkali!  
Christmas brunches at Lipsky. Every day from 2 through 14 January 2018  (between 10:00 and 16:00)  Lipsky café-restaurant invites the guests to the Christmas winter brunches.  
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