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The legendary restaurant in Kiev changes the rules and amazes again! The new menu, new interior, new format.  Under the same roof, at Lipki, the heart of the capital, Lipsky combined the classic and modern. The art of modern gastronomy and take away author’s desserts, creative space and traditional luxury of banquets, wine tastings and dj-sets, an exquisite restaurant and a stylish city cafe. People make selfie there and enter into contracts during lunch, have breakfast with their parents and dinner with a noisy group of friends. Lipsky is always open. It is open to everything new and surprising. In common with native Kiev, it is old, familiar, cozy, but always trendy.  

The legendary restaurant of modern gastronomy. Long before the restaurant boom, Lipsky was a trendsetter. The recognizable cuisine, outstanding wine list and original interior. These three components now amaze in a fresh new way.

The old restaurant was opened in 2002 within the walls of Kiev mansion of the XIX century. In 2016, its classic interior transformed and became easier and more modern, but the former Lipsky still demonstrates strong name recognition.Transparent glass boxes and live green, shining brass elements and ironic coloristics of pop art perfectly wed with the outline of historical building. Lipsky welcomes the guests with a democratic city café with confectionary showcase and continues with the main hall of the restaurant with robata grill open kitchen. The second hall offers all conditions for private events at the highest level - business negotiations, public talks, master classes and press conferences. The Art Nouveau with elements of classics dominate there – an old time fireplace is harmoniously located side by side with the wall for video streaming.

Since the opening, the wine collection of Lipsky has been unrivaled among Ukrainian restaurants. The respected magazine Wine Spectator denoted the wile list of the restaurant for five times. In 2016, Lipsky received two glasses of Wine Spectator.

The modern gastronomy, which is based on author’s developments and recipes, innovative technology and global experience.  The preference is given to local farm products of exceptional quality. Young talented chef George Sharuev offers in Lipsky menu the unexpected combinations like mackerel with antonovka apples or ceviche of Chinese carp with Carpathian honey mushrooms, creates candied root vegetables and emphasizes sweetness of strawberry cheesecake with slightly sour taste of red rhubarb.  Lipsky has been the first among Ukrainian restaurants that introduced the tradition of gastronomic dinners and successfully continues it. The best chefs of the world come there. George Sharuev has already worked with Massimo Bottura, chef #1 according to The World '50 Best Restaurants 2016.

However, today Lipsky is not just haute cuisine. This is a city café-restaurant. It does not matter whether you will drop in for a dinner-performance by the stars of the world of gastronomy or just pop by for a breakfast with delicate syrniki and cocoa, there will always be warm and welcoming. Because Lipsky is Kiev. Native, exposed to new things, always ready to surprise.

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GastroStory with the world best chefs
GastroStory with the world best chefs
Own bakery and café
Own bakery and café
Delicious breakfasts
Delicious breakfasts
Outstanding wine collection
Outstanding wine collection
Separate room for conferences
Separate room for conferences
Dinner at Lipsky Dear friends, we would like to offer you to taste the best dishes of the new menu “The mood of travel” consisting of three tasting sets.  
Certificate as a gift Give a true holiday, positive emotions and delicious impressions to your beloved ones, friends and colleagues.  
New menu at Lipsky. The mood of travel. In the new gastronomic season, George Sharuev, the chef of Lipsky, presents the updated menu “The mood of travel.”
TAKEAWAY COFFEE, COCOA AND BAGELS Dear friends, the assortment of our cozy cafe has been supplemented with new offers:  
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