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Dear friends! Mimino restaurant is closed down from 9 March 2018.

Mimino has been the first and favorite Georgian restaurant of Kyiv residents since 1999.

For 18 years of its existence, Mimino has made a great contribution to the popularization of Georgian cuisine in Ukraine. Time calls the shots, and we decided to close the legendary restaurant.

We are pleased to present to your attention the Georgian cuisine at Tbiliso, a network of modern restaurants with affordable prices. Your are welcome!


We will open a new restaurant at Mimino location at the address 10A Spasskaya str.

Its name and concept are not disclosed for the time being, but soon we will be proud to invite you to evaluate our work.

Refreshing lunch A hot day in Kiev is the right time for a cold soup, which perfectly staves off hunger and quenches one’s thirst
Aromatic and useful! Adjika, Tkemali, Satsebeli - all of these are true Caucasian sauces.  
Georgian spring Starting from April 1, Mimino restaurant launches a special offer: “Georgian spring” set.  
The best khachapuri in the city Imeretian, Adjarian, Mingrelian, Lobiani, Kubdari and even Ossetian pie. All of these are khachapuri
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