Opening hours: 10:00 - 23:00 Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 - 01:00
of seats:
120 guest
Reservation / Booking: +38 (044) 485 24 04 +38 (067) 657 55 56 Tequila@karta.ua

The Tequila House is considered to be one of the most considerable, cosy and authentic places among Kiev citizens and guests. It was opened in October 1997 by Mirovaya Karta group and is located in the very well-known historical Podil area. At any time, you can enjoy its pleasant food and taste the best cocktail Margharita in the city. Here you have more than 10 different recipes of this divine Mexican drink.

The concept of Tequila House was created from some famous cowboy movies and books. Just imagine yourself relaxing and enjoy your time in its spacious and modern woody summer terrace.

The kitchen is in hands of a young and motivated team, who maintains the authentic and appreciated by everyone menu. Our Chefs also delight the guests with some brand new seasonal offers. Mexican cuisine has a Spanish core, French flavor and some African notes. Fajitas with veal and chicken, quesadilla and tacos are the most considerable dishes in the Tequila House. All the specificities and necessities, without which the Mexican cuisine cannot exist – jalapeno, garlic powder, spices – are delivered from the Northern America.

The Tequila House restaurant is a great place for both a crowdy group of friends or a family reunion. Our doors are open for all precious guests!

12 species of " Margharita"
12 species of " Margharita"
20 sorts of Tequila
20 sorts of Tequila
Bachelorette parties
Bachelorette parties
New lunch menu at Tequila House Starting from April, the lunch menu of the most Mexican restaurant in Podol offers the updated dishes.  
New hot and warming drinks at Tequila House Let’s start with coffee, the most popular category of hot drinks:
Weekends in Tequila House. Amigos, spend the weekend with us:
All events Archive
Rio Grande with chiken 250 85
Taco Salad with veal 300 155
Del Higado with chicken liver 250 69
Fresco with mashrooms 250 95
San Diego with salmon 250 135
Main courses
Grilled salmon 250 225
Chicken breast with pepper and cheese 250 125
New York steak *Raw meat weight 320* 225
Grilled ribs 300 175
Duck leg with sweet and sour sauce 200 149
National Mexican dishes
Chili Diablo (veal marinated in beer) 250 135
Tacos : 250
- with chicken 89
- with veal 105
Enchiladas with chicken 210 89
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Malted bread 60 15
Tortillas 1 шт 7
Soup with beans and vegetables 300 45
Chicken soup with Mexican straw 300 45
Potato baked in foil 100 35
French fries 100 25
Rice (white, green) 100 25
Braised beans 150 35
Grilled corn 150 35
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Burgers (served with grilled corn)
Black Beaf Burger 350 149
Fish Burger 350 149
Children menu
Vitaminic salad 150 45
Chicken strip steak with rice 250 65
Boiled white fish with mashed potatoes 250 75
Chicken sticks with mashed potatoes 250 65
Mexican appetizers
Ceviche with salmon 180 145
Corn chips 100 65
Nachos: 250
- Negro Grande 135
- Tequila House 119
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Sweet pie with caramel 140 75
Cheesecake 120 65
Apple pie with Zabaione sauce 200 75
Bananas in beer batter with ice-cream 250 65
Ice-cream withh tequila 170 65
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Sour crème 50 15
Jalapeno 30 45
Salsa 50 29
Bbarbecue 50 25
Ranch 50 25
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